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We have a lot of cool things going on at the store this Fall and hope you’ll join in on them!

October is National GMO Awareness month and having genetically modified organisms in our natural food supply is a subject we take very seriously at Health Foods by Claudia. It is an issue that many Americans are just becoming aware of and really don’t quite understand yet. But we’re doing our part to help that change.

One of the wonderful non-profit organizations we support is the NON-GMO Project. They’re doing important work on GMO education and are helping companies ‘certify’ that the ingredients they’re using in their products are GMO free. It’s a big undertaking and I’m grateful they are there, supporting companies and consumers to better understand this issue; they are making a difference.

All through the month of October, we are participating in NON-GMO Awareness month by offering great savings on the companies that are taking a stand. Also look for GMO FYI’s all around the store; it’s an easy way to learn more about this important issue and how it is adversely affecting your health and our world. 

On Saturday October 12, 2013 we have committed to donate 5% of our sales that day back to the NON-GMO Project and we’re very excited about it. We’ll have lots of great savings and some give-a-ways too! Help us say ‘thank you’ to an organization that is helping all of us.

Also we are very involved in the Ohio initiative to mandate the labeling of all foods and food ingredients that have GMO’s in them. It is an innate right for humans to eat food of natural origins and when that has been tampered with, we have the right to know. If you are an Ohio citizen and would like to be involved in our LABEL THE TRUTH OHIO campaign please check out our website and join with us to get truthful labeling on ‘foods’ that have are genetically manipulated. It is our right to know!

One other important thing to mention; we have lots of delicious, safe organic candy to offer all your goblins at Halloween! So come check out our selection of goodies and remember…if it’s ‘certified organic’ its certified NO GMO’s too. After all…we don’t want our adorable goblins becoming someone’s science experiment!

In peace and wellness, Blessings and peace,



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We hear it often; supporting our local economy is important and can benefit all of us. Yes, it is true! Not only do the small businesses in the United States employ more than half of the American work force, but keeping our money within the community that we live is a positive for everyone at every level. After all, isn’t that what community is about…supporting our neighbors?
Each month I will be highlighting businesses that are owned and operated by customers that support our store. It is our way of saying “thank you.” THINK LOCAL FIRST!

The more we support our neighbors, the more our economy will improve. Then all of us can take pride in the fact that we’re participating in the successful rebuilding of our nation…simply because we care.



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